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I've been an avid reader from the age of 3. Starting with the Janet & John books! Nowadays I like to sink my old teeth into a British Murder Thriller. I also love Contemporary Romantic Fiction too. Comedy, Biography, a bit of Romance ( nothing Mills & Boon though) I love reading in the early hours, when it's all quiet. I hate noise when I'm reading. I have a Romanian Rescue Dog who I adopted this year, she is an old lady and has always lived on the streets before coming to live with me. I adore all animals. I giggle a lot, and silly things leave my mouth before I've had time to think

Wendy: The Bumper Book of Fun for Women of a Certain Age

Wendy: The Bumper Book of Fun for Women of a Certain Age - Jenny Eclair, Judith Holder This book is definately for women of a certain age, and i'm it! its printed like an annual and reminded me of the old 1970's annuals My Guy, Jackie & Mates.
There's short stories in it as well as silly things to make and do. I tried reading this book in bed but had to give up as i kept laughing out loud and waking my partner.
I'd definately recommend this to the over 40's...Fan blooming Tastic